Existing Policy Review

Many of Tenzing Advisors’ engagements begin with a review of existing life insurance coverage. In many cases, no improvements or changes are recommended, and our engagement also ends with the review.  In these cases, clients and advisors appreciate the objective feedback about the quality of the existing insurance plan.

Clear communication of Life Insurance Policy Features and Performance:  Regardless of whether or not existing coverage can be improved, many reviews result in clients and advisors gaining an improved understanding of the life insurance portfolio.  We objectively review policy data and projections and provide explanations in plain English, minimizing or eliminating insurance jargon wherever possible.

Our analysis typically addresses, but is not limited to, the following issues:

  • Carrier Credit Quality
  • Policy Performance
  • Current Assumption Projections
  • Reduced Rate Assumptions
  • Age 100 Treatment
  • Guarantees
  • Policy Flexibility, Funding and Benefit Change
  • Term Conversion Options
  • Ownership Suitability
  • Policy Administration and Reporting
  • Policy Loans
  • Policy Riders
  • Comparison to Alternatives

Life insurance policies are often issued with assumptions that were dramatically different than the actual experience.  In some cases, policies that have underperformed expectations are still competitive when compared to potential alternatives.  In other cases, performance may be dramatically improved through replacement.   Many clients have experienced changes in their financial circumstances since acquiring life insurance.  A policy review can provide several alternatives when clients wish to reduce or increase coverage, change funding strategies, or eliminate their coverage altogether.