Our Focus

Tenzing Insurance Strategies is an independent firm that reviews, designs, implements and administers life insurance coverage for the estate planning and related needs of affluent families. We have built our reputation on working with professionals in the legal, tax and wealth management industries to help clients meet financial and estate planning goals with life insurance. The majority of our referrals come from these advisors, many of whom are nationally recognized for their expertise, and our success is directly correlated to our ability to enhance their relationships and effectiveness through our work.

While some of our clients utilize life insurance for traditional reasons, providing the financial security to keep a family in their home, in schools and in jobs following a loved one’s demise, many do not need life insurance for typical purposes.  These clients, whose families have attained enough wealth to weather tragedy without facing financial ruin, still face significant challenges for which life insurance is well suited.

Life insurance often provides liquidity to pay estate taxes, which can be critical to families that do not wish to liquidate beloved properties or businesses to meet that tax burden. A well designed plan can minimize the otherwise dramatic shrinkage in a family’s assets when passing their possessions to the next generations. Life insurance planning can be very simple or complex, depending on each client’s circumstances. Life insurance is often enhanced by or complements many popular and effective estate planning strategies, such as Grantor Retained Annuity Trusts (GRATs), discounted sales, intra-family loans and charitable trusts.